Turbo Tower Cubby Fort

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The Turbo Tower cubby fort is great fun for your kids to look forward to playing on each day. It's design lends itself to a compact area, yet it offers kids so much to do. There is a ladder that they can climb all the way to the top, jump off and go right into their fort! Or they can climb the rock wall and go down the slide as many times as they please. They will never have a dull moment playing in their back yard with this fun outdoor toy.

Our cubby houses and forts are made of fine Australian timber at Playcubb. It is sanded to a soft perfection and will not give the kids splinters. The toys are sturdy and last a long time. Parents can take comfort in knowing that their children are playing safely in their PlayCubb cubby fort. They will be able to play for years and years - making amazing memories in the Turbo Tower cubby fort.

The best thing about the Turbo Tower is its ability to entertain more than one child at a time. Siblings will forget any rivalry when they are playing outside in this cubby fort. They will help each other out in many different grand adventures, like hiding out looking for robbers from the Wild West, playing cowboys and Indians or taking a rocket ship off into outer space. Finding space aliens is fun, but doing it with your brother and sister - or best friend - is much more fun!
This is a toy that will help keep your kids interested in the great outdoors, so much so you might have a hard time getting them to come inside at night.

The Turbo Tower cubby house comes with accessories and toys like the rocks, binoculars, the ladder, and a periscope. You can add other toys from our line, like swings and monkey bars. Create an entire playground area and you will be offering your kids great health benefits. Every health official agrees that exercise is the best for kids whose parents want them to grow up with a healthy heart and body weight. We at Playclubb know that you cannot beat our backyard toys, cubby houses and forts for getting your kids the exercise they need.

You cannot beat this fun outdoor toy for your kids. It is in your backyard, and can be the center piece of a landscaping or part of your garden area. It will make your neighbors jealous, they will all want one!