Tumbleweed Lodge Cubby House

When your kids are grown up, their favorite memories are going to be full of their favorite backyard toy, the Tumbleweed Lodge. The will laugh as they remember running, skipping and jumping around day after day having a grand time. You'll have a hard time getting them to come back inside when the day is through.

When kids get into a habit of inactivity, they become unhealthy. The Tumbleweed Lodge will help your kids from becoming inactive and unhealthy. They will not even know that they are being healthy when they are spending all day outside playing. The cubby house is the perfect place to use your imagination and go on grand adventures. When your kids do, they will use all of their muscles shooting off into space to explore the planets and the star systems surrounding Earth. But, wherever they go, they will be back for dinner, just in time to tell you all about it and share their laughter.

Our Tumbleweed Lodge is a simple layout, with extraordinary details. It's cubby lies on the right hand side, has a covered porch and a railed in covered deck where your kids can enjoy all kinds of fun activities while not getting overheated in the sun.
The cubby is slightly elevated to allow air to flow and keep your kids cool. The covered porch is a wonderful place to put one or two of the toys that comes with the Tumbleweed Lodge cubby house. These include a periscope, binoculars, a steering wheel and a telephone. Your daughter will love the phone to call up her friends to come and play house with her in her cubby.

PlayCubb has outdoor toys that will add to your cubby house kit. You can choose to purchase one of the door kits which have the choices of half door or full door sizes, flower boxes to place the windows in the front or on the sides of the cubby house where they can put in some paper flowers, or even real ones! Skylights for more natural light inside the cubbie itself making it an awesome place to read their favorite books! Or a letter box where you can exchange mail with your child. Decorate the inside with curtains and pictures they have colored. Areas around your cubby can be made into a garden or extend your child's play area by adding a swing set.

The Tumbleweed Lodge is made of the finest Australian timber that will not splinter. It is made to be a lasting durable toy that your kids can enjoy throughout their childhood.