Tudor Cottage Cubby House

Playing outside was never more fun than with the
Tudor Cottage - your kids will tell you!

What’s not to love about the Tudor Cottage cubby house? This ground level playhouse is the perfect little space for any child who loves pretending to have his own home. In fact, this cubby looks just like a perfectly miniaturized version of a home. Once put together following along with the easy DIY building plans, it can be stained or painted to match your own house or painted to fit your child’s idea of the perfect space. You can even begin the design process before you even get your cubby by choosing the color of the roof you want delivered.

Though this cubby would work splendidly for boys or girls, little girls would most likely get the sentimental whimsy out of the Tudor Cottage. With its pitched roof and porch awning, trimmed windows and flower boxes, and a railed porch big enough for a chair and small table, this cubby could definitely be painted to resemble a lakeside retreat or a darling castle. It could even be painted to resemble a toy workshop, a tea house, or any other creative theme you and your child come up with. And, because it’s situated firmly on the ground, you never have to worry about accidental falls from an elevated level.

We have hundreds of wonderful accessories you can choose from to add on to your cubby, including letterboxes, flower boxes, telescopes, periscopes, and so much more fun things for your child to learn with and enjoy. We’ve even got toys that will help them learn the alphabet, count, and tell time! There’s just really no limit to what an enriching experience it will be for your child to have their very own cubby to decorate, and enjoy being a kid in.

The Tudor Cottage is a comfortable 2400 Wide X 2400 Deep X 3200 High. If you want a little more inside space, you can also choose a version that goes 3000 millimeters more deep, instead. It provides more than enough room for table and chairs, toy chest, shelving and more. And, the entryway is designed so that mom or dad can also come inside and have a spot of tea if they are lucky enough to receive and invitation. The timber that the cubby is crafted with is organic Australian pine and has been treated, also organically, so that it can withstand repeated exposure to the bright Australian sun and avoid rot and fungus that is so prevalent in this part of the world.