How to Throw a Safari Party in Your Backyard Using Your Cubby House

Parents learn that having a birthday party for kids in their own backyard is so much easier than having one in the house. And kids love it too! They can run around, do activities and enjoy all of the fun without worrying about things like 'not running in the house' or 'no jumping on the beds'. When your party guests arrive, they can run around your cubby house, swing and climb the rock walls until their hearts are content.

One fun theme for outdoor parties for kids is the safari theme. Your party guests will enjoy an adventure in the wild jungle looking for the Great White Tiger or the King of the Apes. And they can use your cubby house as the means to get them deeper into the jungle and as a place where they study their maps.

Here are some tips for your kids safari backyard party:

Use handmade passports for invitations. Let the guests bring them to the party to and get stamped at the different stations and fun activities.

When everyone gets to the party, get them in the spirit by making them a headband.

  • Tiger headband - orange construction paper with black stripes drawn on it.
  • Lion headband - glue brown faux fur onto a strip of yellow construction paper.
  • Giraffe headband - yellow construction paper with brown spots drawn on it.
  • Zebra headband - draw black stripes on a strip of white construction paper.

Use paper and plastic vines, fake palm trees and rope nets to decorate the cubby house. You can hang old looking maps on the back cubby wall and plot out a path to the last known spot where the Great White Tiger was seen. Use green streams flowing down from the doorways.

Use animal print paper cups, plates, table cloths. Disposable table clothes and table settings allow you to wrap up the mess on the table at the end of the party and just throw it away. And because the party is outdoors, no need to worry about a mess on your floors.

One fun activity is an animal piƱata. Fill it with candy and small animal toys.

Make animal puppets for a craft activity and let the kids work out a play adventure of finding their Great White tiger.

Pipe background sounds into the backyard of animals in the jungle.

Serve trail mixes and bananas for snacks. Animal crackers are a must and you can serve drinks in canteens. Order a cake that fits the animal theme and you have the makings of a great safari party for your kids.

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