The Newcastle Cubby Fort

The Newcastle Cubby Fort, THE place
for your kids to play outside!

Remember when you were little and you and your siblings or friends would build a fort? Most often times these forts were constructed of pillows, blankets and whatever mom and dad were willing to let you move around in the house. Forts outside might have consisted of simply stringing up an old blanket and telling the others to Keep Out. Times have definitely changed! Today your children and their friends can enjoy the roomy fun of their very own real Newcastle Cubby Fort, an elevated cubby that features an upper and lower level, a climbing rock wall and slide.

But, the fun doesn't have to end there. Whether you have older school age children, preschool children, or even toddlers, we got the accessories to make the Mountain cubby fort into an even better experience. You can add swings, letterboxes, mailboxes, telephones, ships wheels, additional rock climbing walls, slides, climbing nets, wooden rung ladders, and so much more to your cubby using safe and easy-to-handle hardware they attaches all of the cubby's toys securely. This means there s very little chance of an unexpected accident occurring when curious little hands get busy gripping, tugging, and pulling.

With kids today needing more encouragement to put down their video game controllers and explore the fun of running around outside in the fresh air and pursuing the fun of active play filled with imaginative scenarios, the Newcastle Cubby Fort, a generous 2800 Wide X 1800 Deep X 3600 High is just the trick that will get your kids off the couch, away from the computer and into the backyard for hours of physically beneficial play. Whether climbing the rock wall while pretending their scaling Mt. Everest or sliding down the slide, using a climbing net or running through and around the fort while evading giggling zombies, the health benefits of cubby play are huge.

And, keep in mind, the Newcastle Cubby Fort is yours to design however you want. Once you've used our easy-to-follow DIY instructions, you can paint the cubby, stain it, or leave it as is. What you want out of it is entirely up to you and your little ones. The open air design also makes this particular cubby parent-friendly, as well. So, don't miss out on the chance to get out there and slay a dragon or rescue a princess, yourself. There are a lifetime of memories awaiting you and your children, memories you'll cherish decades to come, long after your children have grown up and had children of their own.