The Firefox Cubby House and Playground

When you are looking for the ultimate playground toy for your kids, don't miss the opportunity to put the Firefox cubby house and playground in your backyard. The Firefox cubby has so many options of toys to play with - it the perfect addition to your growing family's outdoor play area. You kids will love it from the first time they see it. From that time on though out their childhood, they will make fun memories playing in it every single day. And they will make you a part of the fun by sharing their adventures with you.

Cubby houses and playground equipment like the Firefox encourage kids to use their imagination and create worlds to play in. For instance, they can pretend they are climbing up Mount Everest when they scamper up the rock wall or they can be scaling the Great Wall of China when they are climbing the net up into their cubby. They can put on a play using the open spaced deck and they can be part of an emergency crew racing to save lives when they slide down the fireman's pole. You kids will see and experience all kinds of different worlds as they play pretend in their cubby playground.

The cubby houses on Firefox come with a choice of roof color and in the natural wood tone. They are paintable, if you wish, and can be made to look like a mini version of your own home. The cubby house kit is made with clear instructions and can be put together by most weekend handymen. It is even a joy to let the kids help, even if it is only to do the most basic finishing touches. The kids will love to tell the story of how they helped build or paint their favorite backyard toy.

There are accessories that can be purchased to go with your cubby house. They include a letterbox so you can send mail to your kids, a flower box to place on the outside of the windows, a skylight that will allow natural light into the cubby house and door kits in either full or half sizes. Toys can be purchased and attached, like a periscope or a pair of binoculars. With all of these options, you are sure to make a toy that promotes good healthy outdoor play and your children will never want to leave!