The Entertainer Cubby House

The Entertainer backyard cubby house
helps kids grow up healthy!

With the cool design this dual Entertainer cubby house has, can it be any wonder why it is called the Entertainer? Your child will be entertained with this backyard toy for hours on end, each and every day of the week. Just think of the time you will have to get things done, or just to take some time for yourself, with your kids playing happily and safely right in your own backyard.

The Entertainer is an on-ground cubby house that has a partially covered porch, where your kids can get out of the sun. Inside the cubby house is a large space where they can put a table and chairs for eating or you can put around some bean bag chairs for some down time to socialize with friends. The cubby house has four large windows to allow for natural light to come in and for air flow to keep kids cool on warm summer days. You can add more natural light by adding a skylight to this cubby house at an additional price.

Your child can run up the steps to the fort part of the Entertainer cubby. Here they can spy out robbers or pirates on the high seas. Then, they can go down the slide and back up the climbing wall - two of the most favorite playground toys for kids help make the Entertainer cubby house and fort so entertaining.

The Entertainer is perfect for a large and growing family as there is plenty of room for kids to play, share and take turns. You will be able to use this cubby house and fort for many play dates with your child's friends and you can even use it as the main piece for your child's birthday party. The Entertainer can be dressed up as a pirate ship, a tea house or Hogwarts. It is only limited by the boundaries of your child's imagination. You will find that this outdoor toy will be worth its investment many times over.

Our cubby houses and cubby forts come with accessories that your children will use to make their cubbies and even more fun place to play. These toys are a durable plastic and will last a long time. there is a steering wheel, binoculars, periscope, telephone and telescope. Playcubb also has many other accessories and outdoor toys that will accentuate the fun of your kids cubby for varying prices. These are things like a door kit, a skylight, flower boxes, swing sets and more.

A cubby house and cubby fort means safety for parents who may be worried about their kids being in public parks. With our outdoor toys, your kids are safe playing in their own backyard with wooden cubbies that are build from organic Australian timber that is sanded down to a fine finish. You will appreciate the look of professional quality in your backyard, your kids will appreciate the lack of splinters.