The Dubbo Cubby Fort

PlayCubb Australia offers the
best cubby fort kits for sale online!

Every child dreams of having a personal cubby. If you are looking for a real gym style cubby for your kids, then Dubbo cubby fort is for you!

Playcubb's Dubbo Cubby Fort is designed to suit the surroundings of Australian homes. They are perfect for kids and your backyard. Built with environment friendly, treated, non-arsenic pine, and quality materials, the Dubbo Cubby Fort can last a lifetime. It measures 2400 wide x 1200 deep x 2800 high and is ready for you to take away and install at your place. It also comes with a rock wall, a side ladder, and a detachable slide, which is not inclusive in the measurements mentioned.

Finding ideal kids cubby houses can be quite tricky, especially when you are concerned about getting a safe playhouse for your children. Along with safety, you will also need to consider a healthy environment and accommodation to make sure your kids can have fun and enjoy. Playcubb is particular in this regard and ensures that all their cubby houses are safely made of materials with the best quality.

The Dubbo Cubby Fort is made of moisture resistant flooring, with kiln dried and treated pine joists. It comes with a well-built frame, cladding, elevation roof, and Colorbond roof sheets, which are available in various colors. It has a natural timber finish. What makes buying our cubby houses more fun is that you can opt for added accessories, toys, and features to make your cubby unique and more exciting.

The cubby is specially made of galvanized nails and screws to prevent rusting and ensure longevity. You can choose to buy it at ground or elevated level and with or without a slide, according to your preference.

Kids cubby houses are the trend these days and every kid wants to own one to flaunt it as their personal property. If your child is mischievous and a very enthusiastic one, getting him/her a Dubbo Cubby Fort will be the best choice to make.

If you are buying a cubby fort for the first time, you will require some knowledge about cubby houses. You will need to know how to maintain and keep them safe. Most importantly, you will need to make sure that the cubby you choose is secure for your children. You can safely trust us with that.