The Banksia Cubby House

Wooden cubby houses, like the Banksia,
lasts throughout childhood!

If you want to give your kids the pleasure of playing in the backyard but do not having much space - then the Banksia Cubby House is the best deal. Although, it can be useful for bigger backyards too.

This is a modern design that incorporates everything your kids will ever require for long hours of fun. Your kids will find multiple ways to convert this small cubby house into the large ship of robbers on the sea or their favorite fastest car on the roadway.

Everything such as the built-in Slide, Rockwall, Stairs, Viewfinder, telescope and safety levers can be installed in these cubbies. You can even select an attractive roof color to go with your house. The Wood house is in the middle of a huge wooden floor with a massive deck. The Cubby is elevated to use the space as a sand-pit and the deck is enclosed by a protective fence that will keep your kids safe.

Keep in mind that the supplies are waterproof, so you are required to only paint the structure to shield it. The timber cubby houses comprise of the navigation wheel on a robber's ship and a telescope that your kids can utilize the way they like.

The play house construction has an enormous resin-based slide at the front that your kids can avail for a quick getaway or just to use the slide for enjoyment. There is a climbing wall as well, that will be a challenge and provide a chance to get vital exercise.

The range of Australia toys gives you ideas and beauty to the Banksia Cubby house that contains a complete door kit, beautiful flower boxes to decorate the window panes, a skylight and a letter-box -this way your kids can get a hold of important messages, such as, snack-time message for the evening. In just a few days' time, your children could have a play area that will generate a lifetime's significance of recollections.