Sundance Cubby House

Sundance a popular cubby house kit
for sale here at Playcubb!

If you’ve got the room to put up the 6600 Wide X 2400 Deep X 3200 High amazingly well-appointed Sundance cubby house, you’ll have a one-stop solution all of your little ones play time needs. This sprawling elevated cubby would work great as the main attraction in a childcare facility play yard or as the backyard fun zone that all the neighborhood kids will be begging to experience first-hand. Our cubbies are well made and an easy DIY project that everyone can take part in. Once put together, decorate the cubby any way you see fit and let the good times commence!

The Sundance is the kind of playhouse space that every little kid dreams of. It’s roomy enough to fit several children inside the main cubby at once, with an entryway large enough for the adults to fit through easily. It also features two large porches to either side of the cubby, with the entire upper deck suspended over a sand pit. You can choose from a variety of colorful roofs and keep the cubby in its most natural timber form of organically grown and treated Australian timber or you can paint it any way you choose, making it a completely one-of-a-kind space for your kids.

Another great thing to remember about spacious cubbies like the Sundance is that it offers every child the chance to get in their daily recommendation of physical activity. With worldwide obesity in children on the rise, outside play encourages children to move about, building strong bones and muscle. Not only that, imaginative play combined with healthy exercise is shown to aid in helping children do better in school, increasing skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and more. And this special cubby, with its limitless possibilities for play is ideal to get and keep little bodies active day after day as they lose themselves in worlds of their own creation.

When you buy the Sundance cubby, don’t forget we have a plethora of other accessories that you can add on, as well. There are toys built just for toddlers and little ones who’ll spend more time in the sand pit then upstairs in the cubby itself. For bigger kids you can add on wood rung ladders, various swings, punching bags, rock walls, and more. Flower boxes, mailboxes, ships wheels, steering wheels, periscopes, telescopes, phones, and more are all items that can be sent along with your cubby to increase the fun factor exponentially. Simply put it all together and let your kids loose to enjoy.