Starflight Kindergym Cubby House

Starflight Kindergym Cubby House will get your kids
to play outside every day!

Whether you are have a spacious backyard and want your kids to have the ultimate cubby experience or you’re a school or daycare looking for something to occupy dozens of curious kids, the Starflight Kindergym is the answer. This jaw-dropping cubby is one of our largest to date. At an enormous 7400 Wide X 4000 Deep X 2900 High, this sprawling cubby experience will satisfy every impulse your children have to climb, swing, jump, pretend, and more, featuring the large cubby, covered tower with rock climbing wall and slide and three different swing type toys.

If you’ve been wracking your brain trying to come up with different ways to encourage the kids in your life to get more active and to simply get outside and run around, the Startflight Kindergym is definitely a draw they won’t be able to resist. With an extraordinary cubby like this, your kids will have no problem leaving behind their sedentary games and television for a cubby that’s more like their own personal park in the backyard. And, as they climb, slide, and run around their new cubby, their healthy play will also encourage healthy, physically fit little bodies and a love of activity that will stay with them for a lifetime.

They’ll learn anew what it’s like to gather with siblings and friends to put on elaborate scenarios of play, including deep space explorers or modeling play after their favorite movie or show. That’s the greatest thing about owning a cubby like the Starflight Kindergym, no matter what design you choose, it’s completely up to you and your kids to decide exactly what it’s going to be. You can paint it to match each season or change it up on different holidays, or you can simply leave it with a simple stain or in its most natural state. The wood is all organic and has been treated to remain rot and fungus resistant and able to withstand day after day of bright Australian sunshine.

Before you purchase the Starflight Kindergym, you’ll want to decide on any accessories you may need to add onto your order, as well. You may want an additional rock climbing wall or add on an extra slide or include a fun climbing net. You can also choose from play packs that include ships wheels and steering wheels, periscopes and telescopes, plastic flowers, and more that each adds a unique touch to your cubby and another opportunity for creative play. You can even order additional hardware to save just in case they might one day be needed for additional toys you order for your cubby later on.