Side to Side 2

  • Price : $560.00
  • Size : 850 x 450 x 1100mm

Now you don't need to worry about how your baby is doing with play equipment. We have the fascinating and reliable toys for baby, which can serve in best way to keep your baby busy. A toy with two in one features. Firstly, it provides amusement to the babies due to the oscillations set by the footpad when baby rides on it.

Secondly, it provides continuous exercise to the legs of the baby as he stretches his legs to take a swing by putting his weight on the comfortable rubberized footpads. Due to presence of the long smooth extended rods and a central rod of relatively larger circumference, it is impossible for your innocent kid to lose his balance and fall. The play equipment is all what is needed by parents for their kids which satisfies the both the fitness of the kids as well as their amusement.