Redman Hideout Cubby House

The Redman Hideout backyard cubby house
helps kids grow up healthy!

Imagine the look on your child’s face when he or she sets eyes on the Redman Hideout cubby house for the very first time, a virtual mini-mansion of their own ensconced in their own backyard. They will run straight for the rock wall, climbing up this designed just-for-kids rock wall to reach the spacious elevated top floor where they will run around the spacious porch or disappear inside the roomy cubby itself, peeking from one of several windows to wave with the kind of unadulterated glee only a child can possess. They’ll want to try out everything at once, peeking through the periscope, spinning the steering wheel, and sliding down the bright blue slide.

With measurements an expansive 4200 Wide X 2400 Deep X 3200 High, there’s no doubt your kids will have lots of room to move around and bring their every fanciful story to life. Don’t be surprised when your backyard becomes the place to be in the neighborhood. Your kids’ friends will double and you’ll have to get used to the sounds of laughing ringing out often as you go about your daily chores. And, don’t worry about safety. The Redman Hideout, like all of our cubbies uses only the finest Australian timber that has been sanded to a smooth finish and treated organically to protect from fungus and rot.

Once this DIY elevated cubby is up, you can even paint it, if you wish. It can be turned into a smaller version of your own home or painted to fit your child’s wildest imaging. In summer it might be a beach house with tropical designs and surf boards while in winter it may become an igloo. Your cubby might one day be a jungle den or a space rocket, a hospital or a tea house. Whatever it is your cubby becomes, your kids will spend countless hours in active play, using their bodies and minds to achieve optimal physical and mental stimulation.

And, don’t forget with the shaded sand pit on the lower level of the Redman Hideout, the smallest children can also enjoy fresh air and play time. With toys like our large number and alphabet panel which can easily be attached to your cubby, smaller children will delight in learning their alphabet and learning to count. Don’t miss out on the fun that will last for years to come, get your cubby today and open up the door to your children’s imaginations and watch them soar. You won’t be sorry you did.