Red Mini Monkey Bars

  • Price : $597.00
  • Size : 3200 x 900 x 1800mm

Playcubb presents Red mini Monkey; a monkey bar that is compact but yet guarantees fun for the kids. The color of the monkey bar will surely be liked by girls, since red is a favorite color among females. The compact size ensures that the monkey bar does not consume a lot of space, leaving room in your backyard or garden for other activities that kids might engage in. The size of the monkey bar makes it easy to even relocate it if there is a change of premise or you do not like the current position of it.

The Australian built of Red Mini Monkey guarantees quality due to the use of finest raw materials. Red mini monkey is rust free and can withstand any weather condition.

Children fitness is becoming a priority for many parents in the developed countries. This is because of health risks associated with obesity, which are becoming very common in children. Monkey bar is a great way for your child to get daily physical exercise and stay in shape.

Playcubb has years of experience in manufacturing kids related toys, playground equipment and accessories. It is our guarantee that your child will love every bit of Red Mini Monkey.