Red Cloud Cubby House

When your child plays in their Red Cloud cubby house for the first time, you will literally be able to see the excitement coming off of them. That is because this backyard toy is made up of pure fun - and your child knows it. This kid's toy is not just a playhouse in their eyes - although that's cool too - it is a way to zoom into outer space, hideout in the wild west or sail the high seas. Kids love toys that allow them to use their imagination. The Red cloud cubby house will do just that.

Our cubby houses at Playcubb are sturdy and durable. The Red Cloud elevated cubby is built with strong supports and fin Australian timber that does not rot from mildew or weaken in the hot sun. You can trust that this backyard toy will last through their childhood, giving them plenty of time to make amazing lasting memories.

The stairs leading into the cubby house will be scampered up and down, many time, every day. At the top is a railed in porch where your kids can pretend to be on top of the world or driving their spaceship. There are many accessories that are available for purchase that will enhance your child's play, like a steering wheel or a ship's wheel. Your son will sail the high seas chasing after pirate's treasure using a captains wheel that can be attached on the railing of the porch. Or maybe they want to be at the bottom of the sea? We have a periscope that they can use to spy from their submarine too!

Getting kids outside of the house to play isn't easy. Being outdoors is not as fun as video games for some kids. But that does not have to be the case for your children when you put a really cool toy like the Red Cloud cubby house in your backyard. Let's face it, kids just want to have fun. So, give them the opportunity to do it outside, where they will gain all of the health benefits of fresh air and exercise. They will grow up with a strong heart and lungs, more healthy than those kids who never get up off the couch.

Your Red Cloud cubby house kit is weekend handyman friendly. It comes with easy instructions and clearly marked pieces that can be put up and ready for use in one weekend.