Playstation Cubby Fort

Wooden cubby forts, like the Playstation,
lasts throughout childhood!

The Playstation cubby fort is a winner in outdoor kids toys in every way. You are going to be amazed at how much fun your kids will have with their cubby! They will be outside every day, you may have a hard time getting them back in.

The Playstation cubby fort is an elevated cubby with railed in front side and a supporting wall in the back. Off to the side it leads off to a lower level and a lookout tower where you kids will run to spy their friends coming to visit or aliens invading the planet. from there your child can climb down out of the cubby or go up again to slide out of the cubby. Slides are the number one favorite playground toy according to kids, and this slide is perfect. You will see your kids racing up into the cubby just to go down the slide over and over again.

Can't you just imagine the stories your children will be sharing with you about their fun adventures? Tales of the days of old or glimpses into the futuristic worlds of robots and space travel. Each day will be a new and grand adventure. And not only is this fun for your kids, but unstructured play in their pretend worlds is healthy for their development.

Did you know that how much free time kids get to play is connected to how well they adapt to change as an adult? It's true. Unstructured free play allows kids to learn about themselves from the beginning of a problem to the end, as they are the ones coming up with the games they play and finishing them. This teaches them to problem solve and to adapt to change as change in games during free play is inevitable. Therefore, kids who free play get tons of practice dealing with changes and they handle them better as adults. What a great ability to give your children through buying them an outdoor toy they can enjoy and use for their free play.

Our cubby houses and cubby forts come with accessories that your children will use to make their cubbies and even more fun place to play. These toys are a durable plastic and will last a long time. there is a steering wheel, binoculars, periscope, telephone and telescope. Playcubb also has many other accessories and outdoor toys that will accentuate the fun of your kids cubby for varying prices. These are things like a door kit, a skylight, flower boxes, swing sets and more.

A cubby house and cubby fort means safety for parents who may be worried about their kids being in public parks. With our outdoor toys, your kids are safe playing in their own backyard with wooden cubbies that are build from organic Australian timber that is sanded down to a fine finish. You will appreciate the look of professional quality in your backyard, your kids will appreciate the lack of splinters.

The Playstation Cubby Fort will have your kids playing outside every day of the year.