Play Dates and Cubby Houses

So, you've put up your child's cubby house, decorated it and they have enjoyed playing with it all month long. They cannot wait to get up every day to enjoy playing with this fun outdoor toy again. But, you want them to get all of the advantages they can by owning such an awesome toy. The only thing missing is socialization... it's time to make a play date with one of your child's friends!

Here is how:

Parents can feel uncomfortable when you are first initiating a play date for your child with one of their friends parents. Meeting new people and extending an invitation isn't easy at first. This is especially true if you live in a big city and your kids aren't school age yet.

Start by talking with your children about who they would like to invite for some play time. If they only know the first names of their friends, you may have to stand outside of their Sunday school class or ask the teacher how you could meet their friends parents. ALWAYS seek to speak to the friend's parents first.

Decide how many children you would like to invite over at any one time. Let your child know the limit. If your child would like to invite more friends over than you are willing to handle at one time, offer to invite them at another time.

Arrange a play date at a time when all children will be at their best. This means not at meal time, nap time or other time when the children may be hungry or sleepy. This will maximize the success of the play date.

Allow your child to give the child they are inviting over an invitation. Write in the invitation your name and phone number for the other parent to call and talk to you about the play date. When they call set up a time and invite the parent to stay if they wish as they may be nervous about leaving their child with you the first time.

Play dates are fun times for kids and they get to learn so much from having friends over. Plus, playing in the cubby house will keep the kids busy the whole time. All of your child's friends will want to come back again and again!

Highlighted Cubby House:Platypus Kingdom Cubby House

cubby house

The Platypus Kingdom cubby house is a ground level cubby that boys and girls alike will be eager to set up as their go to spot every time they aren’t in school or at the dining room table. This awesome cubby comes in two fairly large sizes, 3600 Wide X 2400 Deep X 2200 High or 4800 Wide, X 2400 Deep X 2200 High. The cubby features a covered porch that wraps around ½ the cubby and provides plenty of open air space for checking for killer whales off the port bow using accessories like the telescope or deep ocean submarine while using the steering wheel and periscope to sneakily check for land ahead without alerting any deep sea pirates to your whereabouts.

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