Platypus Kingdom Cubby House

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The Platypus Kingdom cubby house is a ground level cubby that boys and girls alike will be eager to set up as their go to spot every time they aren’t in school or at the dining room table. This awesome cubby comes in two fairly large sizes, 3600 Wide X 2400 Deep X 2200 High or 4800 Wide, X 2400 Deep X 2200 High. The cubby features a covered porch that wraps around ½ the cubby and provides plenty of open air space for checking for killer whales off the port bow using accessories like the telescope or deep ocean submarine while using the steering wheel and periscope to sneakily check for land ahead without alerting any deep sea pirates to your whereabouts.

The cubby itself has four large windows to allow in lots of natural light and air flow and offers plenty of room for table and chairs, sleeping cots, toy chests, and more. The generously sized windows also make it very easy for adults to have a look inside to make sure pirates haven’t carried off the sailors and that everything is ship shape. If your Platapus Kingdom cubby is going to be primarily for the use of some very lucky little girls, you can add on flower boxes, mailboxes, letterboxes, and more to give the cubby that perfect at home look.

With this cubby, you’ll be treated to tea parties on the porch, invited to take a tour of their newly decorated home away from home, clubhouse, toy store, animal hospital, and more. In fact, every day will usher in the opportunity for new play and new ways to make their most creative imaginings to life. And, because the timber has been treated to last for years to come, you can change the look of your cubby anytime you choose to. Keep it all natural or paint it whichever way your little ones like. There’s no end to what you can do with your cubby.

The cubby comes with several toys but there’s no shortage of the amount of toys you can add into your order before sending it in. There are swings of all types, climbing nets and ladders, variety play packs and more that you can include with your order of the Platapus Kingdom cubby. No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed and your kids will find it hard to come back down from cloud nine, or more aptly, they’ll find it hard to come down from their awesome new Platapus Kingdom cubby.