How to Have a Picnic in Your Cubby House

Many of our cubby house and forts have an added deck or veranda where your child can enjoy a picnic lunch during the day. Having food outside is a fun activity and kids really enjoy a change. Inviting friends over to have a picnic lunch will also help your kids learn how to play host or hostess without you having to worry about the mess because they are outside.

Kids love to help planning preparing a picnic almost as much as eating it. Have your kids help with the planning by:

Making a list. Your kids can tell you what they want to eat. While this may get out of hand with your children suggesting too many treats and not enough real 'lunch', you can allow them to pick and choose which treats. Providing a balance of nourishing food is also important, but you can allow your child to pick which nutritious food they would enjoy.

Preparing the picnic. Allow kids to help prepare the food and pack it in a basket. Use colorful napkins or paper plates and kids' size cups or water bottles. Kids can help mixing fruit dip and trail mixes or using the back of a spoon to spread peanut butter on apples.

Plan a little bit of entertainment to go with the picnic. For instance, you can play some kids songs on a MP3 player with a speaker. Kids enjoy music, but you will want to use music that is good for eating by, not action or loud songs.

Read a story after the eating is done. A nice quiet activity for the kids before they get up and go-go-go, playing with their cubby for the afternoon. Everyone needs a little bit of down time to let the meal digest. Then, it is off to the races!

Highlighted Cubby House:The Entertainer

cubby house

With the cool design this dual Entertainer cubby house has, can it be any wonder why it is called the Entertainer? Your child will be entertained with this backyard toy for hours on end, each and every day of the week. Just think of the time you will have to get things done, or just to take some time for yourself, with your kids playing happily and safely right in your own backyard.

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