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Wooden cubby forts, like the Perth Play Pak,
lasts throughout childhood!

Perth Play Pak cubby fort is ideal for children of all ages. Due to its large size, it can easily accommodate many individuals all at the same time. Say good bye to children fighting for their turn on the swing, this structure ensures everyone can enjoy it together. The structure is made of finest materials that ensure that weather has no detrimental impact on Perth Play Pak.

Perth Play Path is essentially an elevated Fort that provides a lot of space underneath the structure. This place can be used for storing toys, after children are done playing in the Fort. The wooden roof, placed on the top of sliding area, makes sure that sunshine does not bother people enjoying Perth Play Pak.

Children, as well as grownups, can enjoy cool breeze while sitting and relaxing in the Fort. The color combination of the structure is very attractive to children and at the same time does not come across as cheap.

The height of the slide ensures that it is not too adventurous for small children that they may hesitate in going on it. The sand box located underneath the Fort would be a key enjoyment for children as well as some adults.

The rock climbing wall would be loved by many (including adults and children). It provides children with an adventure, which is not dangerous for them. Children feel as if they are climbing a wild terrain that makes them happy.

Every kid has his or her own favorite colors that they want. Cubby house, keeping this desire of children in mind, made this Fort out of such a material that can be painted over.

Once you get this Fort for your child, he would not ask for any other type of entertainment. There is so much he can do in Perth Play Pak that there would not be any need for some other type of fun filled activity.


Colorbond Roof Colour Selection

Note: Screen colours provided as a guide only

Pale Eucalypt

Deep Ocean

Woodland Grey


Perth Play Pak Cubby House Order Selection

(Width x Depth) :

4800 x 2400 x 3600mm

Pine cladding :

$3197.00 Sale Price : $2697.00

Accessory Pricing and Order Selection

Half door kit $24
Door knobs (plain) $5
Flower box $15
Full door kit $37
Letterbox $17


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