Pelican Palace Cubby House

Kids cubby houses, like the Pelican Palace,
are amazing outside toys!

Available in three different sizes, 2400 wide X 1800 deep X 3100 high, or deeper at 2400 or 3000, the Pelican Palace cubby house would make the ultimate club house or elevated town house cubby for your kids. Just the right choice for smaller or moderately sized back yards, this cubby features both a lower play area and elevated cubby with railed in porch, large slide, steering wheel, and periscope. An ideal spot for a family with several children, the lower level can be filled in with sand or left bare for additional toy storage space. Big windows on the front and sides also allow for plenty of air flow and natural light so your kids can enjoy their play all day long.

If you have both smaller and older kids, the Pelican Palace offers a unique way to give each their own space while allowing the older kids to feel free of the younger when they want. The ground level sand pit or play area is the perfect way for toddlers to enjoy their own toys and remain safely out of the way of older children climbing and playing on the upper level. As the littler kids grow up and become more physically capable, they can also begin to enjoy the upper level of their Pelican Palace with a little help from big brother or sister or even mom or dad.

Paint your cubby or leave it all natural, it looks great either way. It can be dressed up for holidays or even painted to look just like a small version of your own home. This particular cubby can even be made to resemble a rocket ship or a jungle lodge, whatever your kids imagine it to be. Additional toys like ball ropes and wooden rung ladders, climbing nets and rock climbing walls can also be ordered, along with play packs featuring more wheels, scopes, and telephones, to name a few. Get your smaller kids read for their school years with attachable panels that aid in teaching the alphabet and numbers, as well as time telling.

If you’ve been wanting to give your kids a reason to get out of the house and spend less time watching television or playing electronic games that require absolutely no physical activity, the Pelican Palace is a great way to give them the inspiration they need to get outside, run around in the fresh air, and lose themselves in hours of play. We’re pretty sure that after your easily put-together DIY cubby is ready, you’re new problem will actually be getting them inside for dinner, bath, and bedtime each day!