Monkey Bars


Rainbow Monkey Bars

Having a problem in deciding which child should get to play first? Well, what are we here for?

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Blue Mini Monkey Bars

Monkey Mini is ideal for a family that has a small backyard or a garden.

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Challenge Monkey Bars

Play Cubb presents you a new type of monkey bar called the Monkey challenge.

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Escape Monkey Bars

Monkey Escape is one of the most challenging monkey bars from Play Cubb.

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Fun Monkey Bars

Want to give your child the best quality play equipments? If yes, you have come to the perfect Site.

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Monkey Extreme

If your child is like most little monkeys, they are going to love swinging, hanging and monkeying..

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Monkey Mango

Monkey Mango is a spacious monkey bar designed by Play Cubb. If you have a large family,..

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Red Mini Monkey Bars

Playcubb presents Red mini Monkey; a monkey bar that is compact but yet guarantees fun for the kids.

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Tree Monkey Bars

Kids love to jump around and climb over different things. But why give them a chance to hurt ..

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