Moon Dance Cubby House

Playing outside was never more fun than with the
Moon Dance Cubby House - your kids will tell you!

Your kids are going to be over the moon when they first get a look of their Moon Dance Cubby House! They will be so excited that they will not be able to stop laughing and running and jumping around this favorite backyard toy. And you should try to stop them - it is all part of the grand fun that is the beginning of the adventures your child is going to have with their own space in this outdoor toy.

The Moon Dance cubby house has many great features, your child will never get bored with all it has to offer. As an elevated cubby, it provides room underneath for an added play area. You can turn this area into a sand pit for loads of creative fun. Just think of the many worlds your child can create in the sand. There is a set of stairs to scamper up and a covered porch where you can attach one or two of the toys that come with the Moon Dance cubby house. These toys are made of durable hard plastic and include a phone, binoculars, and a periscope.

Once on the porch, your child can choose to go into their cubby or on the deck. When inside the cubby house your child will notice the comfortable space is perfect for daydreaming. There is plenty of air flow because of the four large windows in the cubby. Your kids will enjoy reading their favorite books, talking with friends, playing house and so many more activities in this cubby. The railed deck is safe for kids to play on and a great place to be outside but out of the sun's hot rays. It is the perfect spot of r lunch or an afternoon snack too.

There are accessories that you may want to invest in, including a door that comes in full or half choices, a skylight for more natural light in the cubby, a letterbox to send and receive pretend mail, and window flower boxes to pretty up the cubby house. These are just a few of the many things you can add to your child's backyard toy.

As a DIY cubby house, this kids toy can be put together in a weekend by most at-home handymen. It comes with excellent easy-to-follow instructions! Plus, we use the best materials for creating out cubbies. For instance, we use the best in organic pre-cut Australian timber that can withstand the harshest sun. Not only that, but all of the cubbies have been treated organically to protect against wood rot and fungus. Our cubbies are built to last!

Want to change the color of the roof? No problem! It is up to you and you can choose from a variety of colors before you checkout. When you’re done putting the cubby together, you can move on to painting it as the wood is paintable, or you can leave it in the natural color. Whatever you and your kids make it, this cubby will become an integral part of your kids’ childhood memories and last as long.