Monster Pak Playground Cubby House

Playing outside was never more fun than with the
Monster Pak - your kids will tell you!

Are you looking for a way to keep your little ones active and out in the fresh air and sunshine? We’ve got the perfect solution in the Monster Pak Playground cubby house. Whether you’re looking for a play space to entertain half a dozen children at a daycare or a superior backyard good time for your kids and their friends, this 7000 Wide X 3000 Deep X 3000 High can satisfy your needs. Built of the finest organic Australian timber, this cubby playground features adult sized entry into a cubby with several windows to let in plenty of light so your kids are never too far out of sight.

The roof of your cubby comes in a variety of color choices including Cottage Green, Classic Cream, Deep Ocean, and Woodland Grey, among others. On the Monster Pak Playground, the roof extends from the cubby to create a shady cover over the porch where safety rails are in place to keep little ones from falling accidentally. They can decide how to get down in various ways, taking the stairs, using the accompanying slide, or climbing down the rock wall. This cubby also features a second, larger, elevated porch to one side where kids can get down via a fire pole.

If that’s not enough, beneath this elevated cubby is a sand pit that runs the length of the entire Monster Pak Playground, making a great place for toy storage or shaded play for smaller children or any child looking for a break from a bright afternoon sun. A rope ladder also provides both fun and fitness for any child big enough to climb safely. The opportunities for imaginative play are endless. Boys and girls alike will delight in setting up house, exploring the jungle from their camp base, checking out their surroundings from a lunar spaceship. Anything is possible when you have a cubby.

You can leave your cubby in its natural state or paint it in any number of ways, with bright yellow trim and pink and blue walls, or if going in a private backyard, it can be painted to be a smaller version of your own home. How you want your cubby is up to you. When you order the Monster Pak Playground, you can also add as many accessories as you like. We have swings, slides, telescopes, periscopes, steering wheels, ships wheels, rope ladders, a variety of play packs containing a variety of toys that can be attached to your cubby and much more!