Monster Castle Pak

  • Price : $7197.00
  • Size : 8700 x 7100 x 4100mm

This small playground is a wonderful combination of two small playgrounds, together constituting an awesome playhouse for outdoor play or indoor play as per your desire.

This Monster Castle Pak is perfect to embellish any backyard (of considerable size), park, playground, school, day care, room (must be of considerable size) or a restaurant (which wants to add an attraction for the children).

The larger of the two playgrounds in this combo features:

  • Two connected platforms
  • Straight stairs
  • Curved stairs
  • Climbing stairs
  • Double slide
Smaller of the two playgrounds features:
  • Curved stairs
  • Climbing pad
  • A platform
  • Double slide (smaller than that of the larger playground)
The two playgrounds are connected by 5 small jumping pads.