Monkey Mango

  • Price : $1397.00
  • Size : 4110 x 4100 x 1800mm

Monkey Mango is a spacious monkey bar designed by Play Cubb. If you have a large family, then this is an ideal monkey bar for you. It caters to children of all ages, thanks to the height of the monkey bar.

Monkey bar is the most famous playground attractions for the kids.

Whenever you take your child to a playground, always notice the line of kids waiting for their turn on the monkey bars. Monkey Mango would be an ideal gift for your kids, which they will never get bored of. It is not one of those sports that children out growth with time, but something they will enjoy throughout their childhood. Raw materials used in making Monkey Mango ensure that it is rust free and would stand the test of time.

Your children would not insist on going to the playground if you would install Monkey Mango in your own backyard/garden. We all know how boring the school vacations, especially the last day of it, can get for children. We try to keep them entertained but due to our busy schedule we are unable to. Monkey Mango will ensure school vacations would be the most enjoyable time for your children.