Monkey Extreme

  • Price : $747.00
  • Size : 4200 x 2000 x 1800mm

If your child is like most little monkeys, they are going to love swinging, hanging and monkeying around on the Monkey Extreme monkey bars. A spacious monkey bar designed by PlayCubb, the Monkey Extreme is an ideal monkey bar for a large or growing family as it can accommodate many monkeys playing on it at the same time. There are two hanging bars on each side of the monkey bar trail on the Monkey Extreme, so there is plenty of room for a group of children to play.

Did you know? The term is “monkey bars” because of the initial patent to the bars and the “monkey instinct” in claiming the benefits of climbing as exercise and play for children. These monkey bars will add a sense of excitement and challenge for your children, right in your own backyard. The Monkey Extreme outdoor playground equipment will allow your child to challenge themselves and strengthen their muscles by swinging from rung to rung all the way across to the end. An added benefit is the reinforcing of the child’s eye-hand coordination that using monkey bars will do. These are a must have piece of playground equipment.

Safety, as well as fun is of chief concern at PlayCubb. Finest materials were used to develop the Monkey Extreme monkey bars set, which makes it is rust free and extremely durable.

It can easily be assembled by anyone by just following the guidelines provided with it. Do-it-yourself consultants are always available to give you a hand through email and over the phone during normal business hours. Instructions are clear and easy to follow, clearly labeled you will be able to put this together and if your children are old enough, you may want them to help. It will make them feel like they had a special job building their own monkey bars.

The Monkey Extreme monkey bars are available on their own or they can be art of an entire backyard playground with swingsets, cubby forts and cubby houses. Take a look around our site to see all that PlayCubb has to offer – you won’t be sorry you did!