Escape Monkey Bars

  • Price : $1247.00
  • Size : 3200 x 4100 x 1800mm

Monkey Escape is one of the most challenging monkey bars from Play Cubb. It is especially designed for children who are thrill seekers and enjoy adventure in their life. For Play Cubb, safety of children is the number one priority, which is the monkey bar is not too high. This ensures chances of any accidents are minimized.

Monkey Escape can easily accommodate 2 to 3 children at a time. These days, where video games have raised health related risks, it is essential for children to get some sort of physical exercise to avoid obesity. Monkey Escape offers fun along with physical exercise that helps your children stay in shape.

The monkey Bar is easy to install, which ensures anyone can install it in their backyard/ garden in no time. A playground in your backyard/garden would keep your kids entertained all the time. The physical activity will also help them in increasing their I.Q and problem solving capabilities.
Once you gift your child Monkey Escape, he or she would not need any new toys or attraction to fun, as there are so many things they can do on this type of monkey bar.

Since the monkey bar is hollow, it does not consume a lot of pace. This makes it possible for your children to play any other sport in your backyard/garden.