Challenge Monkey Bars

  • Price : $1397.00
  • Size : 4110 x 4100 x 1800mm

Play Cubb presents you a new type of monkey bar called the Monkey challenge. This is no ordinary monkey bar as it provides horizontal and vertical bars for kids to have fun with. It makes it more challenging for them and hence keeps them entertained. Play Cubb has also ensured security of kids by keeping the height of the Monkey Challenge within appropriate limits to avoid any injuries.

Children always dream of having a playground in their backyard; Play Cubb has made it possible by providing playground equipment at an affordable price to parents. Your child would never want to leave the house because he would have so many things to do on the Monkey Challenge. All his or her friends would want to come to your house for play dates, since when they would want to climb the Money Challenge.

Monkey challenge ensures that two or more kids can easily climb it safely; this will eliminate any quarrels amongst the kids regarding whose turn it is on the monkey bar.

The color of the Monkey Challenge will also complement your garden, instead of making it look odd like other children’s toys and sporting equipment normally do. So what are you waiting for? Order now, it is totally worth the smiles on your children’s face once they will start having fun with it.