Tree Monkey Bars

  • Price : $747.00
  • Size : 4100 x 2000 x 1800mm

Kids love to jump around and climb over different things. But why give them a chance to hurt themselves by letting them to climb over unsafe equipments. Monkey bars are a great solution to serve this very desire of every child. These monkey bars could be a perfect fit for a playground at home or even at school.

Monkey bar tree allows children to climb over and have the fun that is healthy for them. Also, as it’s designed for the purpose of climbing it overcomes the risk of being unsafe for your child. Monkey bar tree offers a solution that is liked by both the parents and their children.

Park and playground are incomplete without a monkey bar. Even day care centers can have a monkey bar in their play ground, so they could have a hold on another equipment that could help them engross the interest of kids. The monkey bar tree serves as a play equipment and add on an option of an outdoor play at a playground.

This monkey bar tree is specifically designed, keeping in mind the physic and interests of Melbourne kids. Parents , concerned about their children’s fitness, could not find a better solution than having a monkey bar tree in their backyard. Kids are averse to do exercise as they feel it boring but if it’s embedded in a fun game they would love to do it. Monkey bar tree serves as a swing that ensures children fitness , turns your boring backyard into an adventure playground, and not to mention brings loads of fun and enjoyment for your kid.