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Wooden Melbourne Mansion cubby house is
made with the finest Australian timber!

The term ‘bigger is better’ certainly does apply when you are talking about outdoor play cubby houses or cubby forts, as you can see with the Melbourne Mansion cubby house and fort design. The elevated cubby is 4600 x 2400 x 3100, has stairs that lead to a semi covered porch, then into the cubby house, were your child can choose to slide back down. There is a cubby fort, or lookout tower, which is connected by a foot path bridge. The fort has a climbing wall going up into it that can be used to climb up or climb down.

The Melbourne Mansion cubby house and fort comes equipped with a steering wheel, periscope, handles, toy rocks for the climbing wall, and a telescope – all ready for your child’s great adventures. And the large area underneath the cubby can easily be turned into a sand pit, another great place to play and build fun imaginary worlds. Kids learn most lessons by doing through playing and creating. Your kids will be building skills and developing their sense of self.

All kinds of fun games and activities can be devised so that young ones are able to use their imaginations to their fullest in this great space. The cubby house can also be used for down times, times to play quietly with toys or share secrets with friends. Your kids will get so excited to play in their new cubby house and fort once they see it built just for them in their backyard. They can even help assemble it!

Accessories are available for your child’s the Melbourne Mansion cubby house and fort. You can choose to purchase one of the door kits which have the choices of half door or full door sizes, flower boxes to pretty up the front part of the house, skylights for more natural light in the cubbie house, and a letter box. These will all help your children feel right at home in their cubby house.

PlayCubb believes that safety is their first concern when designing each and every cubby house and fort. Childhood is all about having fun – that is what we want your kids to see when they look at their cubby house, fort and playground equipment. But we want you, their parents, to know that we pay close attention to the safety of our products as well. You will find that the Melbourne Mansion Cubby House is made of non-toxic material and only the finest in Australian organic timber. It’s sanded down into a sleek feel that makes it entirely safe for kids to play in and around. The windows are glassless and the toys are sturdy. Parents can take comfort in knowing that their children are playing safely in their PlayCubb cubby house or fort in their very own backyards.

PlayCubb is able to ship the Wattle cubby house kit anywhere in Australia. The precut pieces are very easy to assemble and all of the easy-to-read directions come in your cubby house kit. The cubbies are designed for the average handyman to put together, but you are not alone! Do-it-yourself consultants are always available to give you a hand through email and over the phone during normal business hours (see the contact link above). Instructions are clear and easy to follow, clearly labeled you will be able to put this together and if tour children are old enough, you may want them to help. It will make them feel like they had a special job building their own cubby house.


Colorbond Roof Colour Selection

Note: Screen colours provided as a guide only

Pale Eucalypt

Deep Ocean

Woodland Grey


Melbourne Mansion Cubby House Order Selection

(Width x Depth) :

4600 x 2400 x 3100mm

Pine cladding :

$2897.00 Sale Price :

Accessory Pricing and Order Selection

Half door kit $24
Door knobs (plain) $5
Flower box $15
Full door kit $37
Letterbox $17


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