Mango Pak Cubby Fort

Mango Pak Cubby Fort will get your kids
to play outside every day!

Day cares are often the next best alternative for most working parents. They look after the children as they play will be much cheaper than taking them to a day care. Having a Mango Pak cubby fort can provide your child with plenty of fun during school holidays and in the evening after school. There are a variety of designs available that suit every parent’s budget. Choosing a design should be guided by available space on your backyard and your budget. Mango Pak is a playhouse that easily provides both of these features to unpack a load of fun for your children.

It is a compact playhouse that can fit in a small area making it suitable for parents who do not have big gardens. It utilizes space vertically. It is elevated to provide plenty of playing space underneath it and on it. It has a playhouse that is situated at the far end with a large porch. The porch is roofed providing spacious playground for children. The porch leads to a slide exit. The playhouse is accessed on one side through a ladder that has a protective railing. The ground underneath the playhouse is filled with sand to provide more play space.

You can purchase additional outdoor kids toys like rockers, climbing walls, monkey bars, swing sets, and seesaws to create a mini playground for your children. This will attract your neighbors’ kids, thereby providing a better setting than a day care playground.

While you will find a variety of materials used to make kids cubbies, it is important to note that Mango Pak is wooden. The wood is treated to keep termites away. The varnish coating also keeps it protected from rotting when exposed to rain nor will it warp when exposed to the sun. Painting the playhouse can add to its allure. It is also very easy to clean; therefore you do not need to worry about the kids spilling food and drinks on the floor.

Wooden cubbies are warmer compared to plastic ones. They also have a neutral color, which makes it blend well with its surrounding in your backyard. They are also a lot cheaper than tree houses not to mention their safety is well thought out. They are also strong and last long. This is an investment that will have a lot of returns in terms of provision of safe playing ground for your children and peace of mind while you are away.