Magic Playfort Cubby Fort

Backyard kids toys, like the
Magic Playfort, make great memories!

Are you ready to make your kids the happiest on the block? The Magic Playfort cubby fort is waiting to transport your kids to all the wonderful places their minds can take them. This little all-in-one play space features a wider than average rock wall that two kids can climb comfortably simultaneously, with a length of knotted rope to help along the way, if needed. They can call out land ho while using the telescope or warn of terrifying sea creatures approaching while using the periscope, and spot wild animals hidden in jungle trees using the binoculars. The opportunity for new adventures daily is virtually limitless.

The Magic Playfort is perfect whether you have just one child to surprise or a house full of little ones who need a place to call their own. It won't be just your own kids who fall in love with the cubby, either. Your kid's friend's will be begging for the chance to join in on the fun and they'll all fit just fine in this 2400 Wide X 2400 Deep X 2200 High cubby. And remember, they won't be limited just to the elevated portion of the cubby to enjoy. The ground floor can be filled in with sand or left empty for other toys or furniture, as well. It's really all about how you want your cubby to look and perform.

Are your kids climbers? Add on a ball rope, climbing net, or even a wooden rung ladder to make their Magic Playfort even more fun. Punching bags, tire swings, ships wheels, extra slides, and more are all available to be added on to your cubby to create the perfect gym type experience. This works great for more rambunctious children to work off their extra energy while engaging their minds in imaginative play. Have a little girl who has no real interest in the more vigorous play toys? We've also got door knobs, telephones, flower boxes, letterboxes and more than enough to allow your little princess to turn her Magic Playfort into a miniature home, castle, or anything else she wants it to be.

No matter if your kids are 2, 4, 6, or older the Magic Playfort cubby offers a unique learning experience combined with healthy playtime fun. With childhood obesity and Type 2 Diabetes on the rise in sedentary children, this wonderful cubby fort can present just the right incentive to keep your little ones busy for hours each day. Combined with healthy eating habits and adequate rest, the Magic Playfort could almost be considered a necessity in keep your kids happy and healthy as they grow and learn, providing all the creative space they need to flourish.