Magic Pak

  • Price : $1297.00
  • Size : 4000 x 2100 x 2000mm

Your child will get a little bit of everything with the Magic Pak swing set and a lot of fun! And parents will know that their kids are getting the exercise they need to stay fit. While it is a larger swing set, at 4000 x 2100 x 2000, it is the perfect size for a growing family. It also makes a nice playground area addition to PlayCubb's cubby house line for families and home day cares.

The Magic Pak offers three different types of swings, monkey bars and a slide. The first swing has a molded tough stuff plastic seat, which will hold your child snuggly in it. The Saturn shaped swing will allow your child to be creative when swinging, possibly turning themselves around while the swing goes back and forth. The duo seat swing is for friends to enjoy swinging together. The Magic Pak also offers a slide and monkey bars combination that simply spells F-U-N for any child who gets the chance to play on it.

Kids enjoy playing and they really enjoy being active. It helps dispense some of the energy they have. How many times have you looked at your child and wished you could have that kind of energy? This is a normal part of childhood, wanting to move and be active helps children grow. Magic Pak Swing Set will help your child use that energy in a physically fit way. It is a win-win!

Our Magic Pak Swing Set with Monkey Bars is easy to install as it comes with a manual that contains a systematic process of putting up the Magic Pak Swing Set. Do-it-yourself consultants are always available to give you a hand through email and over the phone during normal business hours (see the contact link above).