Lorikeet Hideaway Cubby House

Backyard kids toys, like the Lorikeet
Hideaway Cubby, make great memories!

The Lorikeet Hideaway cubby house is so luxurious looking you might end up wishing you could enjoy it as often as your children do! This beautifully constructed cubby features a lower and upper level with sturdy steps and fencing that surrounds the spacious porch and the even larger deck located just up a smaller second set of stairs. This is truly one of our most stunningly designed cubby layouts and your children will fall in love immediately. Not only does it provide a place for your children and their friends to enjoy hours of endless fun, but it makes a very attractive addition to your property.

The cubby measures 4200 Wide X 3000 Deep X 3000 High and can come with accessories that include a steering wheel, periscope, telescope, and hand grips that make it easier for little ones to go up the stairs. You can also add additional accessories to the Lorikeet Hideaway including toys for learning and active play. Choose from rock climbing walls, climbing nets, swings, and so much more you won’t know where to begin. We have just about everything you need to offer your children a space of their own so amazing you may have to bribe them to come in each night.

There’s so much that can be done with the Lorikeet Hideaway. For your kids, this cubby will become a second home and there’s more than enough space to put in some kid sized furniture, including a picnic set that will fit perfectly on the upper deck. If they want to nap or spend a little time stargazing, toys can be easily pushed aside for a blanket pallet or even soft bean bags that allow kids to stretch out and relax, with a view clear up to the moon and stars. This cubby will also make a great place to have birthday parties, providing the ground level sand pit for smaller children and the entire upper floor for the bigger kids.

The Lorikeet Hideaway is absolutely gorgeous in its most natural state, but we know that painted, it looks just as lovely. You can choose colors to match your own home or give your kids artistic control and help them bring their own visions of the perfect house to life. Add on some flowerboxes or mailboxes and help them plant a little garden around their cubby for even more of a real life feel. It’s your kids own little world safely ensconced in your backyard where you can keep an eye on them while still letting them feel as if they’ve journeyed to other places and times.