Lexie Lookout Cubby House

The Lexie Lookout cubby house, THE place
for your kids to play outside!

Being your child’s playmate is next to impossible. You just cannot keep up with their energy. Their inquisitive minds will lead them exploring every corner of your house, your garden, and worse venture out to wander around in your neighborhood. This can be very dangerous; hence having a cubbie will provide a safe place for your kid to play either alone or with their friends and neighboring kids.If you have a large yard, a Lexi Lookout is one of the best playhouses you can invest in. It perks some serious little pleasures that can be very exciting for children of any age.

It has an amazing design, which maximizes on play space for children. To start with, it is elevated and accessible by a ladder on the side. It has an open roofed shelter where children can play on the sand. This is suitable for children under the age of two years who cannot climb ladders. The cubby house is elevated with an extended deck. The children can use the playhouse to play all sorts of games. They can accessorize it with toys, tables, chairs, bean bags and so on. The undivided room is big and can fit up to five kids at a go.

The extended deck is not sheltered, which may be good location to place rocking chairs where children can play as they soak in the sun. It also serves as a waiting bay as children as they play on the slide. The sandpit beneath the playhouse offers more space for playing, especially for toddlers. This playhouse is huge enough to accommodate adults; therefore you can actually keep an eye on them right on the deck as the play.

Kids’ cubby houses can be turned into whatever the kids want them to be. It can be a classroom, a house, or a castle. Lexi Lookout can be fun on its own, but you can add other play fixtures like swings, seesaws, and monkey bars to add to the fun. You can also buy additional toys with which they can play either outside or inside the playhouse. The big Georgian windows will provide enough ventilation while they play in the playhouse.

Thiswooden cubbycomes with a DIY kit that has a pictorial manual for putting it together. It comes with additional features like a flower box and a letter box that will keep your child entertained after school and during those long summer vacations. One of the reasons for its popularity among parents is the little maintenance needed. It can be redecorated to give it many faces, and keep it looking attractive.