Leopard Lodge Cubby House

Playing outside was never more fun than with the
Leopard Lodge - your kids will tell you!

Do you need a play space that can accommodate several children at once? The Leopard Lodge cubby house bi-level elevated is an ideal choice. This wonderful cubby could be the starring attraction in your neighborhood or be installed in a play yard at a daycare or preschool to the delight of many children who are eager for a play break. The Leopard large measures a generous 3600 Wide X 2400 Deep X 3200 High or an impressive 4800 X 2400 Deep X 3200 High. Depending on how much space you have and how much play space you need, either choice will be a wonderful pick.

Constructed of hearty organic Australian timber, the wood is organically treated to resist both fungus and rot and so that the wood is able to take the daily exposure to our bountiful sunshine. The Leopard Lodge comes in pre-cut pieces as a DIY kit that we have made easy to put together with simply follow-along instructions. The roof of the cubby is available in a variety of colors and the kit comes with a large rock climbing wall the kids will love, as well as a large rippling red slide they can go down time and time again. And, because the slide is composed of heavy duty resin, you don’t have to worry about it burning tender skin.

The top half of our awesome Leopard Lodge holds a cubby tall and deep enough to fit several children at once and even and adult or two. Four large windows on the front and sides of the cubby allow in fresh air, natural lighting, and again, make it easy for adults to check on children without actually stepping inside. The roof extends to provide plenty of shade both to the area in front of the cubby and the large porch to the side, the perfect place for a picnic table set or other pint-sized furniture. Using the rock climbing wall to get up and down, the lowest level features a bottom floor that can be filled in to make a large sand pit or more room for toy play and storage.

You can also add additional accessories to your Leopard Lodge order and get your children’s creative juices flowing. We have multiple types of swings, trapeze bars, additional slides, rock climbing walls, climbing nets, wooden rung ladders, basketball hoop and stand, ball rope, punching bag, all of which can be affixed directly to the cubby for hours of fun. Play packs offer ships wheels, steering wheels, periscopes, telescopes, telephones, and more. Start your order today and you’ll soon be surrounded with shrieks of delight and laughter.