Koala Blue Cubby House

Wooden Koala Blue cubby house is made
with the finest Australian timber!

The Koala Blue cubby house is the perfect choice for any parent who is looking for a safe yet exciting place for their child to play in the backyard. This elevated cubby is ideal for both younger and older children, featuring a generous 2400 Wide X 3000 Deep X 3000 High floor plan with an entry way tall enough for mom or dad to fit through comfortably. Another awesome feature of this particular cubby house is that it provides ample shade over a ground level sand pit. This makes it an ideal area for toddlers and smaller children to enjoy outside playtime without the risk of too much sun.

Children need and thrive on plenty of physical exercise that gets their bodies moving and their imaginations flowing. The Koala Blue has a child sized rock wall that is front and center, built so they can enjoy the excitement of scaling a rugged mountain of their very own. Order a wooden rung ladder or climbing net to go with it and your child is on their way to a lifetime of seeking out physical activity that keeps them fit and on the move. You can even order a trapeze bar with rings or a colorful punching bag, as well, not to mention the hundreds of other accessories that can be added to your order to make your kid’s cubby even more a place they’ll want to spend hours of play.

A cubby, like the Koala Blue, is not just about the physical benefits, either. Children are able to unlock their imaginations each and every time they go outside to their cubby. They and their friends might one day be doctors running a hospital and the next day are wild adventurers on their way through the deepest reaches of the Amazon, battling enraged crocs and poisonous tree snakes. She may be a princess trapped in a tower and him a knight on his way to the rescue. No matter how they choose to use their cubby, you will treasure the many perfect moments you catch in progress or the breathless explanations of how they’ve just slain the dragon.

And, a superior cubby like the Koala Blue is an amazing way for the whole family to get involved in the fun. These DIY houses come with excellent easy-to-follow instructions, using the best in organic pre-cut Australian timber that can withstand the harshest sun. Not only that, but all of the cubbies have been treated organically to protect against wood rot and fungus. The color of the roof is also up to you and you can choose from a variety of colors before you checkout. When you’re done putting the cubby together, you can move on to painting it in any way your imagination takes you or leaving it in its natural state. Whatever you and your kids make it, this cubby will become an integral part of your kids’ childhood memories.