Jeep Spring Rocker

  • Price : $297.00
  • Size : 750 x 380 x 800mm

The imaginative fun that your little one will have when they get on the Spring Rocker Jeep will be enough to keep them entertained for hours on end. This jeep is brightly colored blue, yellow, and black for a very catchy design. Your little one will definitely be making trips through the wilderness and rough terrain for great adventures on a regular basis.

This amazing toy is made of high quality, approved safe, and durable plastic that is approved by the CPSIA. Its solid steel spring coil is generously spaced to keep your child safe when riding and made for the best durability. The Spring Rocker Jeep will be the perfect addition to your backyard.

There is no better way to put a little bit of excitement and action in playtime and keep the kids entertained than with the Spring Rocker Jeep that they are sure to have many great adventures on when they ride. They will go on amazing safaris and adventures while they rock away.

The Spring Rocket Jeep features solid foot pedals, a comfortably shaped seat, an easy to hold steering will, and even tires that will really spin. This spring loaded jeep will have your little one ready for action packed adventure through the wilderness and beyond to keep his or her energetic mind and body busy. This jeep is the best choice for children who are between the ages of two and six.

$297.00 is all that you will need to add the great jeep to your own backyard or play area. Your little one is sure to experience many new and exciting things during his travels. They will be making many trips everyday on the next big journey as they ride their Spring Rocker Jeep. They will be spotting interesting scenes along the way, right from the backyard or playground.