Getting Kid Enough Outdoor Time in Their Cubby House

When kids exercise at least 60 minutes a day, every day, it improves their physical, developmental and mental health. This is because outdoor activity helps kids develop muscle, maintain a healthy weight, elevates stress, elevates moods and so much more. And you can help them get all of these benefits by making sure they are getting enough outdoor time. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Provide cool outdoor toys for your kids to enjoy. When you child has an awesome outside toy like a cubby fort or house, you are not going to need to push them out the door. You'll have much more trouble getting them to come in for dinner.

Make time for outdoor play for tour kids. In the hustle and bustle of today's world, time to play hasn't been given priority on the list. But considering all of the benefits outdoor play gives a child, we as parents need to move it up the list as much as possible. Have your kids help you find the time they can use to play outside. You will save time by having great toys for your kids to play within their own backyard. Having a cubby house and/or fort or a swing set will allow your kids to play outdoors anytime they want. They do not have to wait until someone can find the time to take them to the park.

Children are inquisitive by nature and you open up a full world of discovery for them when they regularly enjoy outdoor play. Take advantage of workbooks, activity sheets and books about the outdoor world, bugs, gardening, stars, etc. Help your kids create interactive toys using their cubby. For instance, a birdfeeder placed to the side of their covered porch will help them bird watch and learn about the birds in their area.

Give kids the ability to create and play without supervision. You know that they are safe in your backyard, so let them enjoy the unstructured play time to discover fun adventures on their own. They may just want to run, climb and slide for hours or they may sail the high seas in search of pirate treasure - whatever they decide, they also get the benefit of practicing how to decide when their play is unstructured and unhampered by adults.

Serve snacks outside in the cubby house. Allow your kid to enjoy their lunch or a snack in their own little world of their cubby house. Just provide extra for the dolls and stuffed animals.

Highlighted Cubby House:The Entertainer

cubby house

With the cool design this dual Entertainer cubby house has, can it be any wonder why it is called the Entertainer? Your child will be entertained with this backyard toy for hours on end, each and every day of the week. Just think of the time you will have to get things done, or just to take some time for yourself, with your kids playing happily and safely right in your own backyard.

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