Forest Cottage Cubby House

Backyard kids toys, like the
Forest Cottage, make great memories!

Do you want to build a cubby house for your kid, but do not have so much time to do so? You have gone to each and every toys store, but did not find the right playhouse for your kids? Well, you do not have to worry about finding or building the perfect playhouse anymore! The Forest Cottage in our slightly elevated cubby house range is what you were looking for.

The Forest Cottage cubby house is beautifully designed and will add a decorative flair to your backyard landscaping, along with being the best outdoor toy your children will ever see. It is an elevated cubby house with four large windows for air flow on warm summer days. The peak on the roof over the covered porch is an added decorative touch.

Did you know that several child studies have shown that play and the growth of social and cognitive aptitudes are interconnected? It's true and more! Both of these are essential for kids in order to understand more complex ideas when they are an adult. Playing with friends leads to development in memory, self-regulation as well as problem solving skills. Therefore, when you provide a cubby house to your child, you give him the opportunity to enjoy outdoor play and spend quality time with friends in safe environment.

Plus, kids love having a place to call their own and that is another thing that the Forest Cottage cubbie can do for you children. Their very own spot they can decorate and use to play house, visit with friends or just to day dream. Somewhere out in the fresh air and away from the couch and video games!

And last, but not least, the Forest Cottage cubbie comes with a children's favorite toy, the slide. Kids just love climbing up and going down a slide over and over again. And that's a good thing because sliding down a slide is healthy active exercise. The action of climbing up the stairs to get to the top of the slide builds core muscles, those located in the abdomen, which makes you stronger, run faster and helps you keep your balance. Your child is also building their core muscles and leg muscles when they get to the bottom of the slide and spring themselves up and off of it in order to run around and start again.

The Forest Cottage cubby fort is made of the finest organic Australian timber. This timber is sanded down to a smooth finish, free of hurtful splinters. The structures are sturdy so that a group of kids can play on them together.. Parents can feel comfortable knowing the our cubby fort and cubby house structures are safe to play in and will last for years to come.

Our cubby forts and houses come in precut kits. They are available to be shipped anywhere in Australia. The kit is made for the average handyman to assemble. We have made these kits and their instructions worry free as there are consultants ready to assist you during business hours. You will find that the kit comes with clear instructions on how to put the Forest Cottage fort and swing set together and your kids will be playing with their new backyard toy in no time!