Explora Pak Cubby House

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The Explora Pak Cubby House is simply full of fun. Every where your child looks when exploring this cubbie, they will find amazing things to do. And the best part is that each of the special areas of the Explora Pak cubby will spark your kid's imagination and send them off on grand adventures. All the while they are playing safely in their very own yard, making this one of our parent's favorites. Can't you just see your kids now, playing the hero while they slide down the fireman's pole to escape the collapsing building where they just saved a whole family of cute puppies? You won't have to, because your kids will tell you all about their adventures over your evening meal. Their smiles, tales and laughter will brighten up your table.

The first thing your child is going to want to do is scamper up the climbing wall. Each one of the hard plastic durable rocks can be placed on the wall with your child's challenging spirit in mind. They will use them to get a hand hold or push up with their feet. It won't take them long to master it, but even then they can add adventures to the mix to make it even more exciting. For instance, maybe the blue rocks are made of alien acid, so you can use them to climb. Once up on the porch, your child can choose to go down the slide or the climbing net - or just down the stairs. So many fun choices!

When they choose to go into their cubby, they can sit and read, do art projects or play with their stuffed animals. The cubby is the perfect size for kids to enjoy socializing with friends - real and imagined. The deck is a great place to play board games or have a snack. Your kids may even invite you up for a picnic lunch date. Watch them giggle as they slide down the pole and run back up to the cubby again.

Our cubby houses and cubby forts come with accessories that your children will use to make their cubbies and even more fun place to play. These toys are a durable plastic and will last a long time. there is a steering wheel, binoculars, periscope, telephone and telescope. Playcubb also has many other accessories and outdoor toys that will accentuate the fun of your kids cubby for varying prices. These are things like a door kit, a skylight, flower boxes, swing sets and more.