Double Walker

  • Price : $625.00
  • Size : 1500 x 350 x 1000mm

Walk is one of the easiest and the best exercises for people of any age. It does not tire you, it does not bore you and it does not put strain on any of your muscles. The importance of walk cannot be overemphasized. You must have read or written an essay on morning or evening walk in your school life.

Walking with a companion is even better. It makes it more enjoyable.
The medical benefits of walk are that it increases your basal metabolic rate decreasing the chances of becoming fat. It keeps your body in perfect form and shape. It develops the tone of your muscles and body.

Apart from adults, walk definitely is very beneficial for kids. It prevents them from becoming chubby and from a sedentary life style. But for children, colours and enjoyment must be due to this exercise so that it becomes an inviting play equipment for them.

Playcubb brings you such a product, which fulfils all the above requirements for your child, the brand new double walker. Safe and easy to use, two kids can walk and walk on it without getting bored.

Bring it today, let your child walk with a friend and maintain his or her precious health.