Dinosaur Delux Cubby Fort

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This kids fort is called the Dinosaur Delux Cubby Fort for good reason, because it is huge in both play space and size. This kids fort would easily accommodate 4 or 5 children at a time while still leaving them room to play without hindering each other.

If you have a growing family or already have a few kids loitering inside all day playing video games and getting lazy then the dinosaur delux is the perfect distraction to get them outside all day rather than annoying you constantly, leaving you time to do your thing.

The great thing about this fort for kids is its size, as your family grows to 2, 3 or even 4 kids they will never outgrow this enormous fort which measures 4.8 meters in width and 2.4 meters in depth with a long running platform the entire length of the outdoor fort, which encourages lots of rigorous activity and fun times for your children and their friends.

The central highlight is a central roofed fort area where they can get out of the sun or play while it is raining. The elevated, long running platform has rails at the sides, back and front with 2 small, handy stair cases and a climbing platform with plastic climbing grips built for those sticky little hands. The roofed central fort comes with a sturdy back wall which helps with weather protection and privacy.

The Playcubb Dinosaur Delux kids fort is so big you can make it a central highlight for kids birthday parties and active playtime with plenty of friends to share, your kids will be the envy of the neighbourhood and you will hardly see them all day as they do their own thing and stay out from under your feet, an outdoor play fort means more stress free time for you to do what you want.

Playcubb kids forts are made from non toxic quality Australian wood and are proudly made and constructed right here in Australia. We do not import cheap, toxically treated wood from overseas like many other suppliers. The finished wood is not painted as we feel you should have the choice as to what colour and whether you want to paint the fort yourself.

The dinosaur delux kids fort comes delivered to you in a flat pack. It is not rocket science to construct. Rope in a few mates over the weekend and it will be up by Sunday. Get your kids to help put the fort up, it will give them a better sense of responsibility if they share in the work. Your flat pack will come with a full set of easy to follow instructions and you do not need any specialized tools to construct it.

Get your kids outdoors and out from under your feet all day by purchasing the Dinosaur deluxe kids fort from Playcubb, you wont believe how much time it will free up for you as your kids tire themselves out all day in the fresh air playing on their enormous kids fort.