Cool Kat Cubby House

The Cool Kat cubby house is just what it says it is - the coolest backyard toy your kids will ever have. They will spend years making tons of amazing memories playing in their cubby house. Every day will be a new adventure for them to live out. You will get to enjoy all of their giggling and laughing while your children play safely in their own yard. There is nothing like this kind of toy and the benefits to your child will reach well beyond their childhood as playing outdoors is one of the healthiest types of play. You will never be sorry that you purchased and built a Cool Kat cubby house for your kids.

Kids who play outdoors get many healthy benefits. Just breathing in fresh air will strengthen their hearts and lungs. Our cubby house will entice them to go outside and play the day away, running and jumping and skipping. Even when they are tired from running around, they will want to be outside in their cubby, spending time daydreaming, reading or talking with friends. Your kids will be able to have their own place to just be themselves and have a great time.

The Cool Kat cubby has an excellent design. It is slightly elevated, allowing air flow under the cubby helping it to be cool on hot summer days. The deck is railed in and covered, keeping the hot sun from beaming down on the kids as they play. And the deck, like the cubby is made of fine Australian timber that is sanded so there are no splinters. This is a great place to have a play, offer your child snacks and do artwork!
Purchase one of the door kits which have the choices of half door or full door sizes, flower boxes to place the windows in the front or on the sides of the cubby house where they can put in some paper flowers, or even real ones. Skylights are also an available accessory and provide more natural light inside the cubby. A letter box is a fun addition - kids will love getting from you.

Creating a home atmosphere in your child's cubby house will make it that much more fun for them, and allow them to really make it their own. putting up curtains, adding kids furniture and hanging your kid's artwork will make it just like home for them.