Collecting Nature is a Fun Cubby House Activity

Whether it is leaves, rocks or creepy crawly bugs, kids love to collect natural objects. It is a good activity for those that own a cubby house in their backyard too! It is a wonderful way to learn about the great outdoors, it helps kids learn how to be organized, and it involves healthy outdoor play. Here are a few things your kids can collect and some tips for organizing and saving them.

Collect large rocks. Big rocks make great trim around gardens and landscaping. Use big rocks for art activities by painting them bright colors or use them to make sculptured rock pets, like frogs.

Collect small stones and rocks. Look up what type of rock you have by offering your kids a book on rock collecting or using a rock collecting website on the internet. Glue the rock to a flat piece of cardboard, the lid of a box works very well. Mark the information you found out about the rock on the board. Add a clip to the back of the board and hang it on the inside of the cubby house.

Collect leaves from different trees and bushes. Iron each leaf in-between two pieces of wax paper. Then, mount the preserved leaf on a piece of paper.

Collecting bugs can be done in a couple of different ways. You can make a bug box, place leaves and branches in it and create air holes. Then you bugs will last a day or two so you can study how they move and what they do. Create an ant farm and watch how they make their tunnels. Or you can chose to collect, anesthetize and mount bugs like butterflies.

Create masterpiece art with the natural objects by gluing them on a juice lid and making a sculpture. Then spray paint them with a metallic paint to turn it into a objet d'art. When dry, hang from the ceiling or put on a shelf in the cubby house.

Make rubbings of different outdoor textures and decorate the back wall of your kid's cubby house with them. Use their favorite colors or mix up every color of the rainbow.

All of these collections will continue to interest your child for years to come. When they have their very cubby house to help them create and keep their natural collections, they will benefit in more way then you will be able to count.

Highlighted Cubby House:The Entertainer

cubby house

With the cool design this dual Entertainer cubby house has, can it be any wonder why it is called the Entertainer? Your child will be entertained with this backyard toy for hours on end, each and every day of the week. Just think of the time you will have to get things done, or just to take some time for yourself, with your kids playing happily and safely right in your own backyard.

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