Car Spring Rocker

  • Price : $347.00
  • Size : 900 x 450 x 900mm

In the Spring Rocker Car, your little one will drive to many locations while he rocks away and has a glorious time. It will be parked and ready, whenever they want to go on a new ride and experience a whole new world of imagination. This car will need no gas, no batteries, and no electric and yet will always provide great fun for your child.

This spring loaded car is action packed and sure to please. It features an easy grip handle for little hands and a comfortable seat. Its bright colors are very pleasing to the eyes of any child with bright reds, blues, and yellow. The car features fun windows and wheel details as well that are sure to have your child’s attention.

You can own the amazing Car Spring Rocker today for your backyard or play area for only $347.00! This is a small price to pay for such an amazing amount of fun for your kids. This will be a great way for your child to go all of the places that he wants to go and never even leave the backyard.

This car is made of highly durable and safe plastic that is approved by the CPSIA. It is suitable for children between the ages of two and six and is popular with children all over the world. The car itself measures 900 x 450 x 900, which is just the right size for the safe enjoyment of your little traveller. Who knows what their little eyes will see along the way

Your children will be taking many rides in their new car, experiencing great adventures and scenery along the way, right from the backyard or playground. Playtime has never been this much fun and your little ones will definitely be making new memories as they travel with their brand new car.