Canary Cottage Cubby House

Wooden cubby houses, like the Canary Cottage,
lasts throughout a childhood!

The Canary Cottage cubby house is a charming cubby house built at ground level and perfect for families with a couple of kids, it is appropriately called a cottage because it resembles a real scaled down version of the ideal fairy tale cottage.

The canary cottage will become your kids second home; in fact they will probably spend more daylight time in their cottage cubby house than in your home, and what parent would complain about getting more time without the kids under your feet.

This quaint cubby house may be a smaller version of a cottage but that does not mean it is small in proportions. You have a choice of 2 different floor sizes, the 2.4 meter width x 2.4 meter depth and 3.2 meters in height or the 2.4 meter width x 3.0 meter depth and 3.2 meters in height.

The first size is ideal if you have a small backyard and only 1 or 2 kids, although it is remarkably roomy and I have seen up to 5 little ones happily playing inside without tripping each other over. The other larger choice gives you extra floor space, ideal for the larger family, and both sizes feature a generous height of 3.2 meters so dad and mum can easily move around inside comfortably, which is very important especially when it is tea party time and you are a guest.

The extra headroom is also good for hanging things from the ceiling, and dad can get in there without hindrance to put up shelves or build a bookcase. The canary cottage cubby house comes with a selection of 7 paint colours for the roof. If you have a very hot spring and summer then perhaps a light coloured roof paint such as classic cream, would be better, so as to reflect much of the heat, thus keeping the cubby house cooler.

Another great feature of the canary cottage cubby house is the pitched roof that overhangs the balcony keeping it shady in summertime and safe from the elements during winter. The balcony allows space for your kids to set up some little chairs for blobbing out on, you can also add a few flower boxes below the front windows and get your kids into gardening growing their own flowers or small plants.

As the canary cottage has such a spacious interior you can furnish it with a kid sized table and chairs, a chest in the corner for toys and bits and pieces, perhaps set up a little desk and chair, kids love coloring in, drawing and doing their homework in their own cubby house.

The canary cottage also has 4 large windows that bring in lots of sunlight, another accessory is the skylight which can add dramatically to the natural light and help to keep the cubby house warmer during winter. It is recommended that you also add the full door kit to your canary cottage kit, this extends the life of your cubby house by keeping the elements out, as well as deterring insects and pests from making the cubby house their home.

The canary cottage cubby house will guarantee many years of active, imaginative play for your little ones and many hours of blessed peace for you with the kids happily playing outside all day in their canary cottage cubby house.