Cairns Castle Cubby House

The Cairns Castle cubby house is an on-ground cubby house that is perfect for a growing family or at home daycare. It is large with different sections, allowing for kids and siblings to all have their own space at the same time. What a relief it will be for parents who have both sons and daughters that want to have their friends come over to play on the same day. Each can use the cubby house decks to enjoy their company without getting in each other's way. And you will have the peace of mind that they are having a great time right in their own backyard with this amazing outdoor toy.

The Cairns Castle has a railed in covered deck on each side of the cubby house. This is a fun place where kids can pretend to be in a play house and put on their own production, while you offer snacks on the other deck. There is plenty of room to set up art projects and let your daughter have afternoon high tea with her stuffed animal friends in the cubby house. They will all stay cool because the rood keeps the hot sun from beaming down on them and the large glassless windows allow air to flow through the cubbie.

Accessories are available for the Cairns Castle that will make it even more enjoyable. There is a skylight that will bring in more natural light into the cubby itself, there is a letterbox that you can send messages to your kids with and there are a flower boxes you can place in the windows and add decorative flowers. Plus, there are practical accessories you can add, like half or full door kits.

You have the choice of color for the roof of the Cairns Castle, so you can match your current landscaping and home. The front of the cubby has a covered porch with a decorative peak. This cubby will look so good, it will make your neighbors envious. Everyone will want to add a cubby house to their backyard.

The Cairns Castle, like all cubby houses on PlayCubb, are made from the finest Australian timber that is sanded down to a smooth surface, creating a splinter-less wooden toy for your kids. Plus, you can add a swing set or other playground equipment to create a whole outdoor play area. Your yard will be the place for the neighborhood kids to play or it will be a great selling point for getting new clients in your home daycare business.