Cairns Cabin Cubby House

Kids cubby houses, like the Cairns Cabin Cubby House,
are amazing outside toys!

Whether you are a stay-at-home or working parent, bringing up children of varying ages can be quite a challenge. Managing their playtime is even worse. Children ape what grown-ups do, but if they have siblings they are more likely to look up to their older brother(s) and/or sister(s). There is an age where children will just run wild, which will trickle down to the rest. If they reach this stage, you better be prepared with outdoor play equipment like our Cairns Cabin Cubby House that will keep them busy all day long.

Cairns cabin is not just outdoor play equipment, it is a mini playground. It is huge and suitable for families with more than one child. It will also require plenty of yard space. If you have a big back yard, why not invest in this slightly elevated cubby house for your children? It is a better option than taking your children to a day care. You can have a nanny to over your children as they play. It is designed to accommodate adults, as well as children of all ages. There are so many fun activities you can carry out with your children as you bond.

For starters, this wooden cubby has a huge front porch which is roofed. You may furnish the playhouse with pillows or tables and chairs. Then, install a swing kit on the porch. Additionally install rockers or places rocking chairs. The railing around the porch is accessorized with steering toys and other toys. This will be a perfect place to feed your children if they are fussy eaters.

From the porch, there is a hallway that leads to the fort. It is small but adds to the fun anyways. First it is roofed therefore your child will be protected from severe weather conditions. It has a small climbing wall - What an awesome way to have your children exercise while having fun? They can compete against each other to determine the fastest climber, including your crawling toddler(s)! From there they can slide down on the other side.

Do not worry about the safety of your children while they are at play. Cairns cabin is installed with safety handles all over for your children; whether they are on the deck of the fort, the climbing wall, or the steps to the playhouse. There are very many types of kids' cubby houses available, but none will ever beat cairns cabin. This is fun galore!